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You've dedicated immense effort and resources to establish and nurture your business. At Wealth Planning Law Group, we're committed to safeguarding that invaluable investment with unwavering diligence.

Many business owners we advise have spent countless years channeling personal resources and sheer determination into building their enterprises, which now represent significant segments of their estates. It's imperative for entrepreneurs to understand that a robust estate plan is incomplete without a strategically aligned business plan. These dual components should seamlessly interact to preserve, enhance, and leverage the wealth encapsulated in your estate.

An astute business plan doesn't just forecast growth; it also fortifies your enterprise against economic volatility and unpredictable market shifts. It acts as a bulwark, safeguarding your personal wealth and your family's financial future from potential business adversities. By laying the groundwork for resilience and flexibility, a well-conceived business strategy ensures maximum returns on your investment, and facilitates a smooth leadership transition or business handover when you choose to step back.

At Wealth Planning Law Group, our seasoned Business Planning Attorneys, based in New Orleans, excel in crafting business strategies catering to diverse phases, from the launch of your start-up to the contemplative period approaching your exit. Our philosophy is anchored in comprehensive collaboration. We engage deeply not just with you, but also intertwine strategies with insights from your trusted circle of executives, CPAs, legal counsel, and vital advisors.

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Our Business Services Include:

  • Formulating companies and advising on the optimal business structure.
  • Navigating the complexities of business entity selection and architecture.
  • Facilitating business acquisitions or disposals.
  • Resolving ownership challenges and providing ongoing legal advice to businesses and proprietors.
  • Integrating personal, estate, and business strategies for holistic wealth management.
  • Sophisticated tax planning and strategies.
  • Guiding corporate restructures and reorganizations.
  • Managing mergers and acquisitions proactively.
  • Drafting comprehensive shareholder agreements, including voting and buy-sell agreements.
  • Mediating shareholder and partnership conflicts.
  • Overseeing orderly business sales, dispositions, and dissolutions.
  • Implementing forward-thinking succession planning and recapitalization strategies.

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Entrust your business legacy to Wealth Planning Law Group, where we fuse legal expertise with strategic foresight to turn your business aspirations into a lasting heritage.

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